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Brands & Blends (B&B) has over 50 years international knowledge of distribution, sales and marketing of worlds leading beer, wine, spirits and champagne brands.

With a track record of over 50 years of global success in Beer, Wine, and Spirits (BWS), the B&B team offers comprehensive product development, global distribution, and brand-building services. Our strategic approach involves working with brands and producers to maximize returns, leveraging our unique global drinks network and brand-building expertise.

Operating in duty-free and domestic markets, we work closely with local partners, overseeing sales, marketing, and logistics functions. The team represents brands established in Europe and worldwide, seeking to expand their presence in our target regions and channels where penetration is limited.

With commercial offices in Spain, Portugal, and the UAE, B&B is an independent organization working across multiple channels (Duty Free, Diplomatic, Domestic markets) without competing with existing operators. Our team and logistical infrastructure are dedicated to meeting specific customer needs, emphasizing exemplary service.

B&B brings expertise and a proven track record in developing brands in challenging markets. We will be working with an impressive exclusive global brands portfolio, already  including the largest Portuguese wine selection, Spanish wines, Indian Spirits, and more. Various global brands are approaching B&B to join our portfolio.

Brands & Blends (B&B) is poised to establish a strong market presence through a focus on quality, innovative business expansion, and exceptional customer service.

B&B is a company specializing in importing, distributing, and selling alcoholic beverages in the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. Our portfolio features brands with provenance and untapped consumer potential, positioned for growth in high-demand drinks categories. We aim to deliver above-average industry returns for both producers and customers.

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Over 50 years global BWS industry experience

Paul Failoni


Over 20 years experience in the Beverage sales in the UAE and Europe. During this tenure he has build up a multitude of contacts and experience with Various leading global brand owners, General Manager of Spinneys for over 11 years and before another 10 year in Europe working for Matthew Clark and Wine Studio.

Ron Oldenburg


Over 30 years experience in the International FMCG and Wines and spirits sales and distribution, Domestic and Travel Retail (Duty Free) markets, 15 year experience in the Middle East and parts of Asia and Africa working for MMI and Sirocco a joint venture between Heineken int. and Emirates. And 12 years Heineken international, based out of Amsterdam.

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